State Budget Reduces University Funding


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Secondary education spending

Heard this report on my way home today. So New Hampshire is now 50th per capita in secondary education spending. That is very alarming. That puts us on par with states like Mississippi, which have long been at the bottom in both spending and achievement. Hopefully, a significant drop in the achievement of our state university system students will not automatically follow the significant drop in spending.
So this is what happens when a super-majority of "fiscal conservatives" is elected in both houses of the Legislature: short-sighted spending cuts which will adversely impact the future of our state. More college-bound students will leave New Hampshire and never return. It could take more than a generation to undo the damage.
Sure to follow: a decline in our top-5 ranking in healthiest states in which to live and raise children.
The Tea Party activists got what they wanted. 2012 will be the voters' opportunity to throw them in the harbor, so to speak.