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Apr 17, 2008

Young fiddlehead ferns work their way up from the ground in Concord. (Photo courtesy Ben McLeod)

The unfurling of spring
Apr 10, 2008

A red-tailed hawk flies above Rye. (Photo courtesy DaveinMaine)

Red Tailed Hawk
Apr 04, 2008

Turkey vulture seen near Alton, spring 2007. (Photo courtesy Jenna Van Valen King)

Turkey Vulture
Mar 28, 2008

A lilypad frozen in "thin, spring ice" in Hollis. (Photo courtesy Tim Somero)

Frozen Lilypad
Mar 20, 2008

A fox surveys the scene at the base of Mount Washington's Lion Head Winter Route. (Photo courtesy nartreb)

Close Encounter
Mar 13, 2008

Tree stumps like these can be very useful for wildlife in winter. (Photo courtesy Julia Freeman-Woolpert)

A Giving Tree
Mar 07, 2008

A squirrel pauses while looking for stored food in Francestown. (Photo courtesy The Nature Nook)

Where'd my food go?
Feb 29, 2008

A duck spotted at Mines Falls in Nashua. (Photo courtesy Marc Nozell)

She laughs
Feb 22, 2008

A bobcat explores a wooded backyard in Milford. (Photo courtesy Jennifer Siegrist)

Bobcat in the Backyard
Feb 15, 2008

A frozen sedge at the summit of Mount Pierce in the White Mountain National Forest. (Photo by Michael J. Dailey)

Frozen Sedge on Mount Pierce