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Jun 27, 2008

Eastern Tiger Swallowtails spotted near Basin Pond in the Baldface-Boyce mountain range. (Photo courtesy nartreb)

Eastern Tiger Swallowtails
Jun 20, 2008

A rare sight: this pink lady slipper has no pink pigment. (Photo courtesy Mike Dailey)

Lady Slipper
Jun 13, 2008

Mating toads in a pond in Grafton. (Photo courtesy Cheryl Senter)

Jun 06, 2008

Spring on Peirce Island in Portsmouth. (Photo courtesy Roger Goun)

Peirce Island
May 30, 2008

A hummingbird heads toward a feeder in Conway. (Photo courtesy GeorgiaOnMyMind)

May 23, 2008

A toad finds a comfortable spot on a mushroom in Chocorua. (Photo courtesy Shane McKenzie)

May 16, 2008

A young fox takes a nap in Candia. (Beth Szelog, NHPR)

Sleepy Fox
May 09, 2008

A song sparrow shares a tune at Keene State College. (Photo courtesy Lorianne DiSabato)

Song sparrow
May 02, 2008

A tree shows signs of having been a meal for a deer. (Photo courtesy Julia Freeman-Woolpert)

Deer-chewed bark
Apr 25, 2008

A goose catches a few z's on Pulpit Pond in Amherst. (Photo courtesy JB Parrett)

Quick snooze