The Path to Single-Payer Healthcare in Vermont


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current system

I am independently employed and insured. Over the past 13 years of living in VT, I have paid over $100,000 into the system and received less than $6,000 in benefits. I wouldn't even bother with insurance, but without it, my children can't take advantage of school sports or summer camps. I make myself feel a little better with the thought that health insurance is an investment in our customers and our neighborhood--but that only helps me feel a ~little~ better. Three different times, BCBS VT has mis-posted my payments and canceled my insurance, and it has taken me hours to prove the payment. They then reinstate my insurance, but with no apology. The actuality of government running our healthcare can't be much worse than what already is out there.

VT Healthcare

The caller who called in at approximately 50 minutes into the show and opened his comment referring to "Obamacare" was waving a huge flag about his stance regarding affordable healthcare. Whenever someone uses that term, I know they have dismissed any consideration of even the idea of solving the health insurance issue in the US.

Congressman Frank Guinta uses that term, "Obamacare," at his Town Halls. This is a term that, for me, only serves to connote ignorance and blatant scorn.

The caller mentioned how a large pool of insured will drive up health care costs: No, sir. Right now, it is the huge number of Emergency Room visits by the uninsured that significantly raises the costs to the rest of us. By widening the number of the insured to include the young, the old, the middle-aged, the insurance risk is spread, therefore lowering the risk (i.e. usage,) therefore lowering the cost. Of course, we need providers included in the streamlining of services/costs.

Vermont Healthcare

After listening to this edition of the Exchange one would be amazed that Vermont has legislated single payer health care. The discussion was demoralizing and Laura seemed focused on picking apart the legislation and giving voice to criticism and skepticism of health care. Come on NHPR! This is not evenhanded reporting.

NO single payer, ever!

IF the government is to control your healthcare, they will be responsible for controlling the costs of your healthcare. That means that the lifestyle choices you make, and your personal habits become a cost -saving opportunity for the government! Do you realize how dangerous that is? Better at the state level than the feds, but still- we have a government with WAY TOO MUCH AUTHORITY, which they accept no limits on. AND you cannot just shrug off talks of rationing- it is done in each country that chooses single payer, and will eventually lead to bureaucratic death panels- of course your loving govt will never call it that, but it's the truth!