The Other South American Drug War


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Drug trials in South America

Having been a consultant for the pharmaceutical industry, I found this article biased. Most pharmaceuticals companies would overwhelmingly prefer to perform their clinical trials by university based investigators to having to go overseas. Yet the overwhelming buracracy and delays in getting agreements signed with universities as well as the hurdles and delays at the FDA have forced many companies to perform their trials in South America, Isreal, India and other countries. And while there many have been abuses in clinical trials, I would believe that the vast majority were designed and performed with the same ethical standards established in the US. Perhaps you should delve deeper into the story of why these companies are going overseas and how they are dealing with clinical enrollment, study design and execution. While the story may not be as griping as patients mislead, it would give a better insight into the difficulties of drug development and the economic and job impact it is having in the US.