Mountain Lions in New Hampshire?


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Mountain Lions in NH

I actually have seen a mountain lion in NH. I am definitely sure of it as well, domestic cats arent waist high when they are on all fours. The one I saw sprinted across 89 Southbound, it was HUGE. You could see their huge muscles and the definition in their legs. I was left in shock and glad that I was in my car!!

Mountain Lion Sighting

I saw a mountain lion on Route 9 in Harrisville, NH run in front of my car less than 50 feet away this morning. The cat was very muscular, missing part of its tail, light brown fur and appeared to weigh at least 90 lbs.

There has been a sighting

There has been a sighting near Alstead, NH as well. There is a picture of it at the fisher plow place in Gilsum, NH.

I think I saw a mt. lion

I believe I saw a mountain lion this morning when I was walking my dog in the woods in Walpole, NH. It ran away quickly, but was about waist high, had a tan-like body, large head, broad shoulders and a very long tail. It was larger than my dog who weighs in at about 90/95 lbs. When it ran through the woods, it didn't make a sound and was very elegant leaping over brush and around trees.

Mountain Lion

Last Sunday, while working in our garden, my husband, son and I had a Mountain lion was bigger than our dog (also 100 lbs.) and was a beautiful tabby color...with long tail. It watched us for a couple minutes, and we quickly ran into our house. It jumped down from the rock wall it was walking on and was!! I was told by the police that it was common to see one in our region. We live off of Paige Hill Rd. in Goffstown

your sighting is most likely

your sighting is most likely a large bobcat

Mtn Lion

We have one in Center Harbor off piper hill

My mom had witnessed a

My mom had witnessed a sighting and we found tracks about 10 years ago in Dalton NH. I have also heard of sighting around the Presi's and in Lancaster NH. Also in Eastern Vermont.

Just this morning in the

Just this morning in the Amherst area my wife and daughter surprised a very large cat in the road while driving to school. It bounded across the road and leaped *over* a nearly 8-foot wall of snow down near the pond on our property, where tons of deer, turkeys, foxes, coyotes and more frequent.

They drove back and took pix of the tracks in the snow:

3.5 to 4 inches wide.

Most definitely *not* a bobcat, coyote, deer, etc., etc.

Very doubtful

Ok, everyone who "saw" a mountain lion- where are the pictures? If you have seen tracks, where are the photos? If you have photos, they aren't doing a lot of good at the Plow sales store, perhaps Fish and Game should be notified. It is in their interests! What everyone is seeing are likely bobcats, which are still pretty cool to see. Unless of course you have years of experience identifying large predatory animals from a distance while they are moving at a high rate of speed. Probably not though.

PS- The easiest person to convince is always yourself.

Mountain lion/Large Cat

I saw what I believe to be a mountain lion? or some sort of large wild Cat, it was compairable size to my 80lb dog.. we were walking in Barrington NH, and my dog took off to what I thoought was a Deer, not by seeing it, but by knowing this is the area my dog would run up the hill to sniff out Deer, but when she came running through the woods, and down the hill, it was not my dog running across the road, it was this large cat, very large and muscular, and very long tail.. my dog was chasing it, and it was in an all out full run... it was fast, and crossed the road in front of me about 50 ft from me, it really shocked me, cause I was expecting my dog to break out of the woods, and not this large cat... I told a few people, and now I think I should have kept it to my self... they all think I am crazy.. I know what I saw, and I will nver forget it..... DJ in barrington

I know what I saw,. fish and

I know what I saw,. fish and Game does nothing..... you may see one someday, and then we will doubt you!

DJ Barrington