Mount Clay Remains Mount Clay


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Thank goodness! Just leave

Thank goodness! Just leave place names as they are, for heaven's sake. If you want to honor someone, build a monument.

Good! That someone who did

Good! That someone who did so much to set back environmentalism and conservation in this country should be given the honor of having a New Hampshire peak in his name is a travesty! Moreover, that any party would change the name of a prominent peak as a political tool is disheartening. Mount Clay ought to remain Mount Clay, and the New Hampshire Stathouse ought to recognize this.

Mt. Clay

Thank heaven! St. Ronnie did more, singlehandedly, to destroy the US economy, encorage greed and outrun the law (remember Iran-Contra anyone?) than most presidents. To re-name anything in his honor would be an abomination. Granite State residents are thrilled that they won't be (further) burdened by Reagan's shameful legacy.

Mount Henry Clay

Wake up Reaganites!!! Why not pick a polluted stream or lake after MR. Overrated. Oh! Henry was just a mere Sen. and Ronnie was Da President!! Well somtimes JUST A means more.