Remembering Doris Granny D Haddock


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Granny D

Laura -

I am terrifically disappointed at you and your Producer's decision to cancel or postpone today's scheduled program and present this tribute to Granny D.

She was a great woman and true patriot, BUT she is dead and will remain dead for the foreseeable future. You can do this sort of show anytime. There is very little public value in doing it today.

On the other hand, there is tremendous public value in learning how NH government and politics actually work. You have broken the great momentum of your shows building on this week's public interest in Town meetings and elections. The information and discussions by your guests on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday was truly informative, insightful and helpful in understanding the politics of this state.

This was just a very poor programming judgment on your part.

I'll still keep listening, but I am really annoyed.


Granny D

I am shocked my Micheal's inappropriate comments so crass and so soon after Granny D's passing. He's got it all wrong. Her sudden death is real and raw and full of feeling right now - and hundreds of people statewide and many more in our country want to reflect on Granny D's life and impact and friendships. I know she, herself, would agree she wouldn't want to hear people talking about her on the radio - but she believed that we are have to find our voice and use it to claim the government and our democracy, and she does like to listen, too. The State Government is not dead and will be there tomorrow, but we have all lost a national treasure suddenly. This is our time this morning - Granny D's neighbors and friends - to share our poignant stories out of respect, admiration and love.

Granny D's Spirit Lives On (Dead/NOT)


Although I don't know you, I am terrifically disappointed in you. How fortuitous to have this show in remembrance of Granny D, a great and now historic champion of democracy, in the same week of successive shows on How Democracy Works and How We Govern Ourselves.

You come off sounding like a spoiled sport, instead of appreciating the perfect timing of Granny's passing to dovetail so nicely with the Exchange's week-long democracy theme, and recognizing the great public value of celebrating her life today. And there's much more time in the months ahead to continue the conversation on making government work.

Long Live Granny D!

Thank you, Laura, Dans, et al, for a lovely show. Granny D's visits to World Fellowship are a treasured memory of mine. I always hoped to see her again after the Senate campaign, but it's easy to act as if someone like her will live forever...May her spirit infuse our body politic!

Granny "D"

We met Granny "D" through my Uncle who became enamored of her through the Harrisville poetry club. We had them for lunch shortly before her walk with my 90 yr old father. She charmed and impressed us with her amazing drive at the same stage of life as my very active father and uncle. She described her training regime starting with walks of several miles working up to 10 mile walks daily and sleeping at night in a tent. My Uncle just couldn't believe she would leave him and her friends when she had a perfectly good life in Harrisville. Well, she explained, she had taken care of her Husband until he passed away and she felt she had more in life to do. So off she went right on schedule and we had a wonderful time following her exploits.

Remembering Granny D

I once had the priviledge of driving Granny D home after she spoke at an event in Keene. On the drive we saw a really beautiful, full-arched rainbow -- the brightest I had ever seen. Any interaction I had wih Doris after that, she would always say "Remember that rainbow?!" Months would go by, and years, but she never forgot it.