HHS Opens Investigation into New Hampshire Hospital Policy


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Person First Language

There were many disturbing aspects of the this story but what galled me most was NHPR's use of the term "disturbed children." These children have mental illnesses. The appropriate and respectful language that I would expect an organization like your to use is "children suffering from a mental illness" or the like. Person First, Please! My child is periodically ill, but never "disturbed."

As a mother of a child with

As a mother of a child with a mental illness, who has recently been hospitalized at the above mentioned facility, I too find it extremely insensitive to use the term "disturbed children"...my child is not disturbed, he is ill, or sick , but not disturbed. And as for what has happened at philbrook, I raised my own concerns about it to staff and had my childs pass extended. I hope this practice is changed, because as a mom of a child who may oneday face having to be at philbrook again, I would be fearful that this may take place and my child would not be well enough to be on pass inorder to avoid the situation.