Judge Orders Homeschooled Girl to School


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Thank you for telling the whole story, from all sides.

I find it so very refreshing that someone finally told both sides of this story, including and another opinion of a professor instead of the very one-sided story of the mother and her attorney who seem to be painting a story that isnt even accurate. Thank you for finally getting the father's view out there! It is past due. I agree with the father and his attorney and with the Court's decision.


This is unfortunately, UNCONSTITUTIONAL in all extents. Who is a judge and a court to decide whether my child needs to be plucked out of homeschool when she receives adequate education. I'm sure this woman has homeschool support groups where her daughter can interact with other homeschool children as well as those additional classes she is already taking in public schools.

Distasteful and unconstitutional ruling.

If it were only that simple

If it were only that simple - shame on them for getting to this point in the first place.


Even with both sides being in the open, the father's side is wrong and the courts have over-stepped their power, period.

The daughter is being presented with plenty of choices and sounds like a well balanced life.

Again, the court is wrong, wrong, wrong! Separation between state and church my eye! This is the camel's nose under the tent if you ask me.

Judges legislating ideology from the bench as well. Will it be a crime to teach your children only one faith? Will we all eventually be forced to attend theology classes? WTH people?! This is ridiculous!!!

Kurowski v. Voydatch Homeschooling Case

This is the best coverage of this ongoing issue thus far. It's about time a reporter and news agency gave Mr. Kurwoski the benefit of the doubt insofar as his motives are concerned. One thing seems to be missing in all the coverage I've seen thus far: Mr. Kurwoski's religious beliefs. Living as I do in a small, but largely populated Polish community in Massachusetts, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he's Catholic. Although Catholic teaching urges its followers to abide by God's teachings as found in both Scripture and Tradition, a call for each individual Christian to live a "Biblical lifestyle" isn't so strongly encouraged or expected as much as one would find in many evangelical Protestant denominations or non-denominational congregations. Could it be that Ms. Voydatch's apprehensions about her ex's non-strict and non-evangelical, or perhaps ... "Catholic lifestyle" per se, be her real (ulterior) driving motive in refusing to come to any terms with Mr. Kurowski? What role has the step-father and local minister played in this drama? Perhaps they've been very cooperative. It just helps to know this so everybody gets the fuller picture. This is the kind of story that can lead to solutions and a softening of attitudes; or the opposite. My children are all grown and we raised them in public schools and all of them are Christians. Odd that this woman who seeks to inculcate a "Biblical lifestyle" in her daughter has forgotten what Scripture tells us about The World. While we mustn't surrender to the World (thus putting the creation as a whole before the Creator, God) we still have to live within it. Now how is this girl going to function in the world later if she's going to be so sheltered from it now?

Kurowski v. Voydatch Homeschooling Case

I happen to know several adults that were and they happen to be some of the most well adjusted, open minded, critical thinkers and well educated individuals I know. I realise that the judge was put in a position to make the call, but it was a call that was clearly made without any clear evidence that the child was at risk at home.

Home Schooling vs. Public Education

Mr. Barrett,

You miss the bigger point of the debate. A judicial body told a parent how to raise a child on religious grounds. That is unconstitutional.

The argument about "lack of socialization" is a facetious argument that does not possess foundational evidence. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Children who are homeschooled have test scores that are 30 percentile points better than their public school peers; have the lowest drop-out rate in college than their peers; and are more gainfully employed than their peers.

Homeschooled children learn to interact with all age groups from small children, to adults, to senior citizens. They are not pigeon-holed with children of their same age, but who may not possess the same maturation level.

The judges decision, based in large part on the guardian ad litem's recommendation, referenced a religious regidity. Please tell me when a court can and should determine that a parent's (or child's) religious regidity should dictate how they are educated.


Kurowski Case Raises Various Legal Issues

These are difficult cases with a lot of legal issues that accompany them. As an attorney, I applaud this woman's willingness to enter the fray and fight for her religious rights. I have written about this case on my blog at http://tonykolenc.blogspot.com/.

What if the child attended a

What if the child attended a Jewish school and the dad decided the school was too religious? This dad is obviously a sadist and wants the daughter to suffer because he can't get along with the mother. Home-schooling worked up until now? All of a sudden he decided they were too religious? Maybe he should have been forced to pay for Christian education.

NHPR giving a fair and

NHPR giving a fair and balanced report, I doubt it. If we allow our govt to take away our parental rights when we agree with them they are then free to take away our rights when we don't. The mother has the right to keep her child out of harms way. Ask the families in Columbine if they wish their children were homeschooled that fateful day. I am not a homeschooler of my 5 year old because we live in a small community where we still love Jesus and honor God, even in our schools. If that were not the case I would sacrafice whatever necessary to provide my son a safe, God honoring education. May God bless you all.

Judge Orders Homeschooled Girl to School

I was a public school student from pre-K through the fifth grade. At the beginning of my sixth grade year, my parents pulled me out of public school and started homeschooling me and my younger sister. They chose to homeschool us through a Christian home-school program.

I hated every single moment of my homeschool career and fought tooth and nail to return to homeschool. I was finally allowed to return in the tenth grade and graduated from a public school. My younger sister (who had started in transition - a grade between Kindergarten and first) remained homeschooled and finally dropped out before she even started the ninth grade. I blame the lack of structure on my parents because the curriculum was actually well-written and concise.

The problem with my homeschool experience was that I was already a social and outgoing child and being cooped in the house all day with only a parent and my sister was maddening. The "social events" that we attended for homeschool students were awkward and confusing. Most of the students had been homeschooled their whole lives and they did NOT know how to interact in social environments. Many of them were not adjusted to the concepts of thinking on their own. They could neither understand that people were entitled to different opinions than them. I can't stress how socially damaging I feel homeschool is to a young person.

That aside, the court system erred when the judge stated that the homeschool experience was too religious. The parent is entitled to provide an education to the child in the manner that he or she sees fit. The mother retained primary custody and both parents had originally agreed on the homeschool venture. When the father decided that his daughter should be in the public school system, the religion should NOT have been one of the concerns brought before the court. The State Supreme Court will rule that forcing a child to go to public school based on an over-exposure to religion was unconstitutional. If the father felt that his daughter was in some way being damaged by being homeschooled, it was his duty to seek custody and provide for her the education he desires she receive.

While I actually agree wholeheartedly that the child should be exposed to a public or private school environment and not in homeschool because of the sometimes negative and irreparable social impact, I also feel that it is the right of a custodial parent who provides a stable, loving home to choose to homeschool. Please also research the fact that homeschooled children do tend to receive higher marks on standardized testing.

Homeschooling vs public

Really? You ONE experience is going to sway you into literally repealing the constitution and our freedoms? Dude, maybe you need more homeschooling and LESS liberal governement schooling.

I went to 3 different school and I have a butt load of horrible experiences to compare to your few from home schooling. STOP supporting taking away MY freedoms!