Going Green: Two Schools, Two Approaches


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Director of Sustainability

Director of Sustainability at Brooks? Who created that title? You're joking, right?

If your reporter took a look at the Brooks student body, she would have found that, with the exception of the "token poor"., they come from families that represent some of the most blatant conspicuous consumption in the Country. Maybe some of their learning can be put to use on the slopes of Aspen or the beaches of St. Kitts.

Lead by Example - Or Just Complain?

Frank - your point makes absolutely no sense. Do we only teach sustainability to the least affluent? Or are you saying schools like Brooks should just spend their resources on conspicuous consumption - like building the biggest, most energy inefficient buildings that they can afford?!

I can not think of a better use of Brooks' excess resources than to put them towards green uses. And give young people who will likely grow into future leaders a green conscience.

Or we just go bury our heads in the sand like your comments suggests.