Federal Prison in Berlin Promises Jobs- If You're Not Yet 37


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Our Government

Regarding the age discrimination shown on the new prison jobs, this is rampant throughout the Government. I found I can't even apply for a job with Homeland Security, the FBI, the Border Patrol, etc. I may be 50 but I have a solid 20 years left in me for work and why must civilian businesses have to be accomodating but our Government doesn't? This is plain and simple Age Discrimination. Why is the Government excluded from many of the laws they pass? Many government jobs don't have to pay into our Social Security, they have their own, better system; they don't have to pay for Medical Insurance and they get it for life after retirement; and, they can discriminate on the Basis of Age. "Some Animals are more Equal then Others."


I think this age thing is unfair and discriminatory. It is an insult to say the people over 37 can take the jobs the younger folks vacate. If they were good jobs they would not vacate them to begin with! People have to move away or work 2 jobs here just to be able to live poorly!!!