New Hampshire's New Old Man?


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you got me

Until I took a few moments to think about it...and recalled the reference to the Piltdown Man...I bought this story. After's _public radio_ ! Good one !!!!

New Portsmouth Man

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Heard it broadcast this morning, you had me going until the "running from a glacier" part, and had my girlfriend (who I'll assume missed that bit) going until the very end.

Nicely done, nicely done. :)

You had me, hook, line, and

You had me, hook, line, and sinker. I told everyone at work about it. It's all we talked about all day. Great joke!

New Hampsha's New Old Man?

Although your hunters "Dan" and "Dave" sounded a little TOO Yankee, I fell for this one until the very last line of the piece. Well done, Mr Gorenstein, what a hoot!

New "Old Man."

Heard this story while arriving at work. Riding up in the elevator with a co-worker who is also an NHPR listener, we began discussing the story. I wondered aloud as to how many listeners had noticed today's date, to which she responded, "S***; I didn't notice!"

New Portsmouth Man

I slowly woke to this story. The hunter's dialect caught my attention--ayah, been nigh on thir-ty yeaahs since ahv heard talk like thaht. Then I wondered where you found not one, but two natives. And how it was that this major discovery had been kept quiet since November. The details were delicious--the eyelashes, 'been dumped in tea,' the bit about the clothing 'wadn't wearin much at all,' the look on his face and best of all, the expert testimony from the Forest Soc. spokesman and the Dartmouth anthropologist. Running from a glacier! There were clues woven all the way through, and yet, Dan Gorenstein's delivery was so believable, so dry, so deadpan, I wanted this story to be true. Beautifully crafted!

poor taste

What a disappointment- or maybe I'm just too serious for my own good. I heard only a very brief part of the story as I was driving, and as an avid follower of current science, I was quite intrigued. How disappointing when I looked further and found that NHPR had propagated such an elaborately misleading story. Is there a plan to produce a corrected story to set straight all those who fell for this? If this is how my membership dollars are spent, I won't be supporting NHPR this fund drive.

Fine dry humor with a touch of farce

Well, as an anthropologist, I have to say I was cracking up almost from the start. The story had the makings of one of Poe's great hoaxes, from the little bits of impossible fact given coldly and so easily glossed over, to the heavy application of character nuggets that seem to provide verisimilitude, but together shout, "caricature!" Wonderful spoof, and (professionally speaking) the mention of such hoaxes as Piltdown at the end was a perfect touch (professionally speaking as a wry wit, that is).

So we'll increase our donation this year to make up for the above disgruntled listener.


First the square trees now the New Portsmouth Man, brilliant! Can't wait to see what you think up next year.

New Portsmouth Man

Wait a minute...this was all just a joke? Why didn't somebody tell me...?
Jack Savage
VP Communications, Society for the Protection of NH Forests

P.S. Our Square Trees are growing taller as we speak, thank you.

New Portsmouth man

Maybe well done hoaxes are more appreciated when it is clear they are a hoax...we felt disappointed that it turned out to be a joke and we usually have a good sense of humor! Sorry, we didn't find this funny in this context- perhaps if we had known Dan Gorenstein was supposed to be a humorist...

This is getting old....

NHPR's yearly plug (actually year-round) for the Forest Society is getting a bit old and not particularly funny in light of the fact that the only tornado we had last year resulted in a tragedy and loss to a number of families who were affected. Shame on the Forest Society and NHPR, sadly this major donor will no longer be giving. NHPR should not be a place for organizations to air their creative stories (that are not news) in an effort to capitalize on their own interests.


How dare NHPR and Dan continue a long tradition of April jokes?

Great piece, dissenters: get over it, laughing is good sometimes

Duped til this day!

I really thought that this was a legit story until just now (May 6th!). Curse you NHPR!!!

-Anon Ymous