Families on Disabilities Wait List Protest Budget Cuts


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Wait List

I have a 47 year old son, who has an acquired brain injury. As my son is not able to care for himself, I have been his caregiver for the last 8 years. Considering my age, and the fact that I have cancer, I can no longer take care of him. Due to his condition, he can not live alone, and he can not live with me. What he needs is to live in a group home, with around the clock supervision, and qualified staff.

His financial assistance comes from medicaid. So it cost medicaid over $900.00 a day, for his board and care at the hospital. Where as with financial assistance from medicaid (a medicaid waiver) It would cost the state of New Hampshire half that amount for him to live in a group home. But with the wait list, and Governor Lynchs budget cuts, he has been in the NH Hospital for months. Currently costing medicaid over $900.00 a day! Does that make any sense at all!?

I used to be proud to be an American. Now I'm not sure about that?