The Non-Conversation About Race


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Comments about Race

I think talk about race is so stupid; I can not begin to tell you. Obama's black!!!! Afro-Americam-excuse me. I thought he was 50% white.

The point-WHO CARES!!!!!! A lot of pointy heads do for reasons know only to them.

MLK said color of your skin shouldn't matter! I guess it does. Well-which is it! Or are you going to try to have it both ways!

I thought labeling by race or gender was stereotyping?! Oh -it's not! Really!

The whole thing is crazy, dishonest, and full of it.

Now-if you want to talk about how we can try to lift them up economically-that's a conversation worth having. But then-who would the white liberal help; they're into every body else's business but their own