Computers Can Read Your Mind


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The restraining of monkeys

The restraining of monkeys is OBSCENE. Almost as obscene is turning humans into freaks of nature. What? We need to produce more? We need to rape every sqaure inch of the earth for corporate profits?
The human species is proving to be , with all our technological advances, morally vacant when it comes to our place on this planet.

WHat we do to animals is criminal in the court of highest judgement that has NOTHING to do with the selective human justice system.
When we learn that our attituds towards other living beings masures our true moral progess, perhaps we can evolve as a species out of the manure lagoon we are stuck in.
Just like NPR to glamourize so called science.
If we want enhanced brain function, eat a raw food(vegan)diet and watch the increase in health,stamina, vitality, brain capacity, and insigts into the Divine!!
Is DARPA paying for the "programming" these days?

Primate Restraint and Torture/Computers and Mind Reading

We really need the opposite of what this article depicts. We need to relax, become less consuming/producing, and more human. We are NOT machines and animals are NOT ours to force into restraining devices against their will. It's disgusting and cruel.
Perhaps our species would benefit far more from learning how to live simply that others may simply LIVE. What we do to animals is unforgivable, especially when we eat and drink and contaminate our own cells to death. is where health info is!

This poor monkey should not

This poor monkey should not be experimented on, restrained so cruelly and unable to use her own arms! Monkeys are wild animals and deserve to live in the wild, not captured and bred for stupid experiments that only cause suffering.


I hate to see this poor defenseless monkey in that experimental chair. Who cares that a monkey can move an robot arm with his mind. Let him live the way he was meant to, in the wild.

I agree with MaggieJ

The argument for continued animal testing usually goes something like this: "If we can save human lives it's worth using animals for experimentation." This piece from NPR, however, actually admits that part of the testing involved here is for the goal of allowing humans to more easily "surf the Web [and] play video games". Please, when you watch this video, think about the lives of torture these animals endure for both our health and our pleasure, and consider learning more about alternatives to animal testing. One good site to start with is Thanks.

There is no reason for these

There is no reason for these test to be done on animals, they should be using human test subjects if they wants to know how this effects humans. Testing on animals is cruel and useless.

Monkey used for prosthetic research - more unnecessary cruelty

There is absolutely no need for this monkey to be retained & caged, potentially for the duration of it's life, so he/she can be strapped into metal holders for research that is already being done with humans at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Animal Cruelty

The video is very disturbing. The monkey is held in constraints. Animals should not be experimented on!! They belong in their natural habitat. A human could have easily replaced the animal.

Isnt that wonderful, yet

Isnt that wonderful, yet again we do horrific frightening things to animals. Maybe they should have tried this out on the human it would benefit, right this isnt to help any animals with missing limbs, as usual this is all for human gain

Brain-computer interface

Brain-computer interface technology is an interesting development, and I hope that only willing human subjects are used in future experiments.

In George Bernard Shaw's words: “You do not settle whether an experiment is justified or not by merely showing that it is of some use. The distinction is not between useful and useless experiments, but between barbarous and civilized behaviour.”

Cruel and unusual

Primates are thinking, feeling beings, just as humans are. They have a right to live their lives without humans capturing, imprisoning and experimenting on them. The US needs to follow the way of the EU and ban this type of experiment!

pretty careful positioning of the film

so you can't see whatever they did to the monkey's head and amputated arm - wires, etc. - etc. No doubt the researchers know that if many people saw the full image, the gee-whiz aspect of what they are doing would be severely undermined by pity and horror at what was done to an innocent creature.

i agree with maggie.

i agree with maggie. research that helps humans should be done on humans, not monkeys, or lab rats, or whatever. it's cruel to take their natural lives away and use them for our own benefit.

monkey moving prosthetic arm

This is not science, this is cruelty to animals. If people are willing to participate in this type of experiment then that is fine, but animals do NOT volunteer to be resrained and kept in such unnatural conditions.

It sickens me to see this

It sickens me to see this video. This poor, defenseless monkey should not be sitting in this disgusting laboratory. This monkey should be living in the wild, with his/her own species. Not only is animal testing cruel, but it's also unreliable. Animal testing is a waste of time, money, and lives.

monkey using prosthetic arm

The subject at hand should be testing on animals. It seems that it would have been much more ethical to use a person in that experiment. For one thing, I'm guessing that that monkey did not want to be in a restraint and was emotionally suffering (yes, monkeys do suffer emotionally) and it seems that it would have been more advantageous to have a human testing it since it is a human who will be using it and who would be getting the benefit of it. Maybe you used a monkey because monkeys actually think and too many humans don't. that seems clear in this case. All I'm really saying is that like many others I do not think that cruelty can be condoned for the sake of human beings. You may not think it is cruel but have you ever looked into the eyes of these animals? I'm guessing you won't see joy.

Not only would it be more

Not only would it be more ethical to use a willing human for this experiment it would yield, as seems to always the case, more informative results. We must move away from wasteful inaccurate animal tests in favor of better science.

Cruelty? perhaps......but at what benefit?

You people do not understand that although this monkey is being restrained, research such as this has much more promise than "tv and video games". I am a neurological researcher and this technology will one day allow physically handicapped people the opportunity to walk, drive a car, and otherwise take care of themselves like a normal-fully functioning human being would. Talk to a parapalegic and ask their opinion on whether or not they would mind some harmless testing on a lab monkey in exchange for the chance that one day, they may be able to feed themselves. Then...come and talk about animal cruelty.

If you are concerned about animal cruelty, then I would suggest driving around the poor areas of any city and submitting complaints on drug dealing, pit bull fighting thugs, rather than scientists who are trying to improve life for people they do not know.