Hooked from the First Cigarette


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nicotine research

Show kids the photo's I have, defenseless monkeys, rabbits, beagles, strapped in restraining devices with bags around their heads, cigarettes hanging out, perhaps that sickness would be enough to compell them to stop. All our human manipulated, manufactured addictions, also cause grave and unfathomable(especially since the media stays at arms length)suffering to animals.


I was approached at school by a classmate who smoked to try one and I declined. My interest had been tested and I decided to try one-well it was love at first puff and now I am over a pack a day with all the cravings. I never thought I would get hooked, but believe me you will. Maybe we are all born to smoke and all it takes is someone to start the interest. One puff and chances are you will become a loyal tobacco customer like me-I can't stop, I've tried to quit but I know that tomorrow I will continue-I can't stop-even if I wanted to.