Paper, Plastic or Reusable?


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Take Reusable Bags a Step Further

In addition to the regular use of fabric bags for shopping, other opportunities for recycling open up. Check out - this site suggests making your own bags, offers free instructions, and shows how old clothes can be used as fabric to make the bags.
These high school kids might further their cause by starting a drive to collect old clothes, reclaim the fabric to make bags, then sell or give away those bags to the community to raise awareness.
Legislation is good, but appealing to common sense and cost-saving opportunities will go a long way. People will support these changes if they embrace them personally in their everyday habits.

no bags about this idea

When you go grocery shopping put the groceries directly into the shopping cart, then put them right into your suv, truck or trunk. at home have a laundry basket or box ready to get them into your house. You could make excepts for produce and tiny items. It takes a little longer but image how good you will feel!