There Will Be Beards


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Can I just mention that beards are not some sort of extension of skin? I like my beard but it is something you actually feel at times--when it gets too long, or scraggly-or too short and the sharp feel of cold air brushes your face.

This might seem obvious but you don't really feel hair on your heard. But a beard--you do. I do. It is a strange beast, almost a living appendage.

Why grow one? It saves a lot of time shaving in the morning

I also have heard the old wive's tale--that men who grow bears cannot be trusted because they are obviously trying to hide something.

I just wanted to look older.

Whiskers 2

Here's a humorous sketch about this very thing, someone whose beard overtakes them...a beard with a mind of its own.

Actually, I Am Hiding Something

I think John makes several good points. However, I have to admit, I actually AM trying to hide something -- namely, my double chin.

I shaved my beard for a Halloweed costume this October, and I looked younger, but I also looked fatter. I grew it back as soon as I could.

(PS -- I was Dwight Schrute for Halloween, and everyone said I was a dead-ringer.)


I'd like to see the beard guys team up with Annie Lynch and the Beekeepers for a "Beard of Bees" tour. The possibilities are endless. Really.