Wausau Plant Closing is Just Another Nail in the Paper Industry Coffin


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Wausau Paper Plant/

It is a sad thing, when one reads about a plant closing in the USA....It would also seem that America has lost its fire. Perhaps some good can come of it, as one looks and sees, one paper/pulp plant close all across the USA. You are not alone Coos county. You say that there is no good when a paper plant closes, but maybe, by way of an exploratory look, by a startup corporation that is not even in New Hampshire, can change the direction of this plant to products needed desperately all over the country.
It is true that the paper and pulp industry is failing, howerver, much of the same equipment can be utilized to great advantage for new and valuable products. My company,Sanco Energy is actually looking for plants that were using paper and pulp equipment along with much of the same type of feedstock that is used by this plant...ie...wood chips. The total infrastructure is already there, but needs to be looked at with new eyes. If anyone reads this and knows what the asking price for this plant is email me. If anyone has capital to invest in changing this plant over to a new and fresh way to go....email me.

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