Republican Representative Ron Paul of Texas


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"Those Who Do Not Remember

"Those Who Do Not Remember History Are Condemned to Repeat It"

Laura, really great interview but your reaction to Ron's statement about US support for Osama Bin Laden is really scary.
It is not a secret that both Osama and Saddam were our allies at some point.
If a person in your position does not know basic facts from our history, it does not bode well for a candidate who tries to run a campaign based on reality. Truthiness is what we are left with. If only America could have longer attention span ...

Laura I love your voice


I love your voice (first time I heard it) and your professional approach to an ulitmate issue, our next president. Your investigative questions and capacity to weave into a wholesomeness and present it as your news piece is both enlightening and appreciated. You have a long road and youth, yes, this sample of yourself shows. I'll be paying attention to YOUR name. NPR hired you to their credit. Your reporting is to yours. Ron Paul for President!

Kevin in San Francisco

bail out

I've voted for conservative republicans since 1970 in Texas...I you want my continued support vote no tomorrow...J. Cornyn no longer has it!!!
sonny ralph catone xMarine and xdallas police officer

I agree with the previous

I agree with the previous opinion!
Thank you for the article.

First and foremost it is

First and foremost it is wonderful to have a candidate that is true to his word. I am very tired of politicians playing with our lives and telling us what we want to hear without the vote to back it up. Ron Paul's record shows him to be clear and true to his platform.

On the health care issue, I work in health care and I would have liked to have followed up my question with a comment. I worked with a nurse from Canada and she spoke of how it would take months to see a doctor in their socialized system. I currently am limited by governmental controls on health care that leave me not going to the doctors due to government regulations and my lack of choice. I believe with free market and the ability to import medications our medical system would allow for more care at a better price for more people.

Thanks for having Ron Paul

Thanks for having Ron Paul on your show...

Cynicism and defeatism are NOT options to be entertained.
"We are in the eleventh hour of losing this Nation..."

Consider the only Conservative Presidential Candidate...

Welcome my name is: Joel Lemieux I am retired and currently live in the beautiful mountains of Western NC... I Have been an avid supporter of Dr Ron Paul... "We have to get Ron Paul elected, firstly and foremost, in the primaries"... Then on to the Presidency!!!

Meanwhile Consider The Following:

Our Only Choice!!! Leadership 2008

Can Ron Paul Win? On The Issues - A Resounding YES!

Knowing this let us then look at the most important benefit… that Ron Paul brings to the Presidency...


Leadership is Action Through *Example Not Position...

(It is not a position of power nor being in the right place at the right time, neither define leadership).

It is defined by setting the example through taking action on such Leadership Traits as Truthfulness! Honesty! Fidelity!

Ron Paul Has Acted Admirably On All These Leadership Traits:

“Truthfulness” first and foremost… Then: Principle, Integrity, Honesty,* Fidelity (to their oaths), Honor, Virtue, Compassion, Courage, Vision, Wisdom and Faith.


Can anyone bring forth any other candidate (GOP or DEM, etc.) that can lay claim to all of these characteristics?

I believe we are all hard pressed to do so... “Strike That”. I "KNOW" we ARE hard pressed!

Check out this site it may give you some promo assistance... It has a promo area where everything can be printed out for free... It also has "send to friends" area for e-mailing... Hope this helps you ...

PS: Start with flyers at the Universities put one on each and every bulletin board on campus also look for support from the student GOP... Then have them go to other campus's... Also, don't forget High School Seniors- by the time elections roll around they will be old enough to vote!

Some mirrors to help take

Some mirrors to help take some pressure off the NHPR site:

Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:
Mirror 3:

I thought this was an excellent interview and thank NHPR for allowing Dr. Paul to express his views in such an excellent forum.

I tuned in mid-program; and

I tuned in mid-program; and was listening, but not paying attention, because I'd never heard of him before. Then BAM ... what a breath of fresh air Congressman Paul was to hear. Honesty, common sense, and no chest-beating; what a package. He's what all politicians should be and he sure sounds like what we need in the White House now -- before it's too late. Sadly, lacking name recognition & ability to raise big bucks make him a long-shot at this point in time. Maybe if he shines at tonight's debate ... Given the rest of the motley crew choices on both sides, a write-in of conscience won't be a wasted vote. Dick Patterson

He has plenty of recognition

He has plenty of recognition and is making plenty of money -- almost surpassing John McCain. Sadly the Mainstream media tries to block him from view because they FEAR his message and his stellar voting record.

He consistently wins internet polls, had twice as many supporters rallying for him at the debate and after party as well.

He is the only true conservative and only one who can win against a Hillary or Obama who will just continue the war and raise our taxes.

James Carville used to say "It's the economy, stupid" but I would like to say to my fellow GOPers, "It's the war, stupid!"

Considering NPR is partially

Considering NPR is partially funded through public funds, it's ironic that this is one of Ron Paul's best interviews to date, given the fact that Ron would probably favor NPR being completely privatized. The host was very "fair and balanced" as Fox News would say, though not as Fox News would do. I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised. Good job NPR!

Yes, the best interview of

Yes, the best interview of Ron Paul to date. Great job Laura Knoy! Many links in the blogosphere.

Abolish the IRS? The FED?

Abolish the IRS? The FED? Bring home troops from around the world? These are wonderful goals, and I will support Ron Paul in his wonderful quest to end the tyranny in D.C.

The mainstream media is deliberately avoiding this man, and for good reason; he is a threat to them and to the status quo of big, influential government. This must all change. Otherwise we are headed toward a bleak future of National ID cards, VeriChip implants and the dissolution of the United States into the North American Union. Supporting Ron Paul is the only real option we have.

If you are inclined to vote for Dr. Paul, you may only vote in the primary elections if you are registered as a republican! By helping Ron Paul we ultimately help each other and ourselves.