The Puzzle of Hispanic Students


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glen ohlund Great features

glen ohlund

Great features this week!

As a new employee in Manchester, I have thoroughly enjoyed the series on Central High diversity.

A Brookings report just out, as reported today in the Wash Post (p 3) discusses the challenges of mid-sized metro communities and new arrivals.

The example of Wausau, Wis. was discussed, where groups helped Hmong refugees from Laos and Thailand resettle over the past two decades. About 1,600 came (1983-2004).
Public services were strained, and tensions were high. Property taxes were raised to help pay for welfare programs for the Hmong, and schools had to scramble to try to meet the needs of children who did not speak English.

But as the Hmong assimilated, stresses on the local government abated. State officials report that 96 percent of the Hmong in Wausau are now employed and 60 percent own homes.

Thats some pretty impressive assimilation and Wassau is not so different from Manchester NH in many respects.

Makes me hopeful that we can continue to be that "new beginning" for people looking for a better life