The Morass over Biomass


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I've seen several demonstrations about biochar -- which I understand is a way of burning dry organic materials, whether they be wood, wood pellets, or plant waste such as corn stocks, etc.-- in a special way that sequesters the carbon into a useful organic soil amendment.
Can anyone on your panel please address this?

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Re: Biomass

Please ask why milfoil that is so plentiful in our NH lakes cannot be used to be burned for electricity. I think that this would be win-win for folks wishing to get rid of it and using it for energy instead taking it to a landfill.



Mary Booth's conduct towards her fellow panelists is appalling. Its a shame to have to listen to a supposed professional scientist engage in cheap reality tv tactics to discredit her fellow panelists. The point of discussions on the exchange should be about content experts sharing their perspective and informing listeners not attacking anyone who has an opoinion different to Mary's. It is a disappointing example to set.