Guest Workers Help to Fill the Skills Gap in NH


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Universal Software should be investigated for fraud

Universal Software should be investigated for visa fraud. Infosys, the pioneer of the H-1B visa low-wage offshore business model is now under investigation and currently in litigation due to abuse of these visas. These H-1B visas allow an employer to cheaply hire someone from 3rd world conditions and never have to train American or local foreign residents. The American students are loaded with debt and are being passed over for overseas workers who are bound to their visas and have no salary negotiation powers. It's a tragedy.

Education gap

One fact should cause us to stop and consider our education priorities. That is India has more honor students than the US has students. Until we foster the level of learning and student engagement that other countries are creating, our graduates will loose out to a flood of better trained and educated workers competing for jobs in the global marketplace.

skills shortage

It's difficult to tell the difference between a skill shortage and a speculative vendor trying to get low cost labor to undercut costs of American employees already on the job. There can be many potential workers to do a given job and the company offering to charge less can create ghost positions which result in the firing of an American employee. The jobs bid by a contractor are generally already being performed, at least in the area of day to day IT operations.

Any real issue with education will be short circuited in resolution so long as the companies have the alternative of importing the worker from outside the US where the educational system is different and classroom techniques frowned on in the US (such as tracking students with aptitudes for a given area to filter out the lower performing) are common. Why not just change the US practices to also allow the people who can learn do so? It would be racist to believe that people in the US are less capable than any other people in the world. Surely we can replicate the educational system if we want, or at least give it a try before giving in. What efforts to educate Americans are being made?


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I see the comments but

I see the comments but here's my question.....

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