Assessing Frank Guinta's Finances


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thank you for the Guinta report

It's nice to see NHPR doing some badly needed investigative reporting -- keep up the good work.

Frank Guinta's Finances

An excellent piece of investigative reporting. NH needs more critical reporting like this. Time to stop letting politicians and other public figures going unchallenged when they make dubious statements or try to cover up their actions. Keep following the money, Jon, whenever you can.

Gift Taxes

Doesn't the IRS require the giver to pay tax on amounts given over $13,000 a person? So if a man and his wife are each given $13,000 by each of 2 parents, the tax free total is $52,000.

Note that the tax is on the Giver, not the recipient.


Guinta's money

The question I have about Mr Guinta "loaning" himself $355,000, is how does he plan to pay it back? The Congressional salary is $174,000. The term is 2 years.
Mr Guinta claims to be a smart business man. He obviously expects a return on his "investment". I wonder how he expects to profit?

What happened with this?

So I remember this during the campaign and I was very interested. What ever came of it? Does Guinta have some kind of immunity now that he is a congressman; did it come to no wrong doing; was there no follow up and investigation?
Seems like a big deal to me if our congressman illegally bought his seat!

Guinta Campaign Finance Status

The Federal Election Commission has opened an investigation.  What happens now is we wait.  The FEC says nothing during this time; it gives no hint as to when it might present its findings or anything at all to do with the state or nature of its investigation.

Generally, if a violation is found, the legal result is repayment and a fine.